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9.00am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.


0116 2404906


0116 2404571


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Boxercise Corporation
Millstone House
Main Street
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Overseas Licensing Opportunities

Boxercise are looking for overseas partners with whom to run our Boxercise Training Courses. Should you be interested, please send an email to

Boxercise are looking for overseas distributors of the Boxercise Footwork Training System. Should you be interested, please send an email to

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Boxercise® - The Biggest Brand Name in Boxing Fitness

Boxercise is a registered trademark. Use of the name Boxercise to describe any fitness activity or product can only be granted by ourselves. Any instructor teaching an activity called Boxercise, or anything similar sounding, must be registered with Boxercise to do so. Breach of these trademarks will result in prosecution. Members of the public can check an instructor's right to use the name Boxercise and that they are qualified, by selecting 'Search for Instructors' in the menu. The Boxercise qualification is recognized worldwide and is regarded as the world's number one boxing fitness qualification.