Courses Terms and Conditions


Prices are correct at the time of going to print. Boxercise, however, reserves the right to change its prices at any time. For any queries contact headoffice: 0116 240906 /


Contract is entered into once we receive your booking and take payment at head office. In the unlikely event that your order does not reach us either by post, fax, email or internet irrespective of whether an automated internet response has been received by your computer we will not be responsible for that order reaching us as this is out of our control.

Once payment has been taken your booking confirmation will be emailed to you within 3 working days. If you have booked your course on the web the day before the course please contact us to ensure we have received the booking.


Payment is due at the time of booking. If you wish to pay by credit card, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards such as Switch and Delta. We do not accept American Express, Laser and Visa Electron. You will receive a transaction confirmation summary when booking online and after payment has been made on telephone bookings.

Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to Boxercise. If you wish to pay by cheque you may firstly use the website to prepare your order, calculate charges then print and attach a cheque.

If you are not paying by any of these means but by purchase order please contact head office to discuss requirements.

Course Cancellation

To avoid confusion you must confirm your wish to cancel a course in writing within 7 working days of making your booking. In the event that your booking for your course is made less than 7 working days before the course, you may not cancel within this period.


Upon receipt of Course Confirmation you have 7 working days to cancel your booking and receive a refund. After this period, no refunds are given for WHATEVER reason as that place could be taken by another student and the company loses those places permanently. After the 7 day’s cancellation period transfers to another course date incur a £50 charge. Transfers less than 1 week before your course are not possible. If you receive a refund this will be in the form of a cheque or bank transfer if payment was made initially through SagePay.

Annual License Fee / Registration Policy

As a company Boxercise requires each individual who has completed and passed the Boxercise course to pay an annual licence fee of £40. This enables us to maintain a register of all the Boxercise instructors and to maintain and protect the trademark Boxercise. The annual licence fee also entitles Boxercise registered instructors to the following services:

  • to be on the list of registered Boxercise instructors on our website thus enabling the public to ensure their instructor has been taught by a recognised body
  • to advertise their services on our website
  • to receive reduced rates on Boxercise equipment
  • to attend a free refresher course once per year should they wish for each qualification they hold - this helps maintain continuing standards of professionalism
  • to receive telephone advice through head office
  • to receive email newsletters
  • A Certificate / Online Manual / Post course Videos.
  • Renewal pdf certificate as long registration maintained.

(It is the responsibility of each Boxercise Instructor to ensure that their annual license fee is paid annually. Standing order forms will be sent out with booking confirmations and first payment is usually requested the month after you have completed and passed the course.)

Boxercise will not register Instructors or send out certificates on completion of the course if license fee payment is not made.


Boxercise Corporation: VAT Registration Number 739 4561 03. / Company Director – Andy Wake

Information Provided

You confirm the information you have provided on you booking is true and correct at the time of the booking and should we discover this information is incorrect we can terminate you booking and registration at any time. You agree to keep up updated with any change of information.

Health and Fitness

By purchasing a Boxercise Instructor training course, you are confirming at the time of booking you are fit to attend and take part in an intensive day’s fitness training. If you are unsure of your health and fitness please consult your medical practitioner prior to booking on and attending a course. If you have any existing injury but still decide to attend the course please inform the instructor if possible prior to the course or if not on the day of the course and we will try to help, advise and adapt the course where possible but we are not medical practitioners so cannot diagnose or prescribe and you may need ask you to sign a waiver or to re-book for a later date. If you require further details about the course structure to help you assess if you wold be able to attend because of an injury, please ring us and we can help.

If you have any disability or physical limitation and require details about our course / access requirements, please contact us and we can advise.

Photography / Videoing

  • NO Video recording on the training courses is allowed other than by us on prior agreement. Any breach of this is a breach of our trademark requirements and others confidentiality/ privacy who are taking part.


By purchasing a Zoom online live and interactive training course you understand that you will be taking part in a full day’s Boxercise fitness training course that will be hosted via the platform Zoom. To actively take part in the training course you will need to meet a range or criteria please see details below.

All our Zoom Interactive / Live online training courses will be following the main course structure as the face to face training courses. On most of the Zoom training courses (not kick) you will also need to pair up with another person for part of the course (please see details below).

We will send you full confirmation details within 3 working days please read these terms.

Registered Boxercise instructors that have passed a Zoom course can still book onto a face to face course free of charge.

Zoom Course Resource Requirements

  • Require a Set of Gloves/ Bag Mitts and Set Focus Pads
  • Clear/ Safe Environment in which to take part in the course
  • Meet Technical Requirements
  • On some courses you will be required to pair up with another person so that we can observe your padwork and coaching skill (See Details on Individual Confirmations below)

Zoom Course Technical Requirements

  1. You require an internet device such as a tablet, laptop with camera and mic or smartphone. You will need to be in a place with a good broadband Wi-Fi connection. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING YOUR PHONE AS TOO SMALL A SCREEN TO VIEW WHEN BEING ACTIVE.
  2. We use Zoom meetings to run our online sessions. This is free to use and runs on most computers and devices.
  3. You will receive a Zoom link with your email confirmation details within 3 working days of booking.
  4. You will need to set up your device so that we can gain a Full body view of yourself and we need to assess your upper body and footwork.
  5. To avoid interruption during the course, turn off any notifications that may pop up on your device e.g texts
  6. Ensure your device is connected to the mains so it does not run out of battery.

Personal Requirement

  • Must be fit and Active to take part and meet the course qualification pre-requisite
  • Must be available for the full course time with no distractions
  • Must be in an environment safe for fitness activity.
  • Must have access to plenty of water and pre-prepared lunch.

Zoom Setup Advise

For the instructor to be able to see during the course, you will need to stand at least 2.5metres from the device. Make sure you have plenty of space around you and your paired partner. When Zoom starts you will be able to see yourself and can ensure the correct positioning and ensure the correct height and distance. We will need to see a full view of your body. There will be 15min available for people to set up before the actual start time.

Room setup example using Tablet and Stand:

Zoom Room Setup Example

Zoom - Partner Requirements to Assist you on Course

For some of our Live / Interactive Zoom Training Courses you will be required to have a partner to assist you whilst training. You will be required to pair up with some else during the Zoom courses so that we can observe you demonstrating the coaching techniques you have learnt and also practise some of the punching and pad work skills you have gained. This individual does not need to have a fitness qualification as you do but they do need to be fit and Healthy to take part. This will be your responsibility to ensure they are fit to take part and to conduct any appropriate PARQ screening.

Unless you are partnering up with another person that has also paid for the Instructor Training course the person assisting you does not have any rights on becoming a Boxercise Instructor and will not be assessed themselves.

The person you choose to pair up with we would advise being a responsible Adult that has the time to assist you for the length of time required. They will be asked also to hold the focus pads for you and to also throw some punches. You don’t need to be hitting hard as it is the technique that we will be assessing rather than power.

Boxercise Instructor Training Course

  • You will require a partner to pair up with you from 1pm-5pm

Kick Boxercise Course

  • You do not need to pair up with another person

Advanced skills course

  • You will require a partner to pair up with for the whole days course and they will need to be competent with the main punches and 8 number system before accessing the course, they don’t need to be a Boxercise Instructor or fitness instructor but they do need to be safe and competent. (See Below for more details)

Zoom Technical Difficulties Policy / Transfers

If for some reason the Zoom training on the day of the course is interrupted significantly by head offices Wifi / Power Cut we will transfer you onto another date as soon as possible and should you not be able to attend another course online of face to face we will be able to offer you a refund.

If during the course we note you have technical problems we will be able to transfer as long as there is space on the next date you wish to attend or suggest you book onto a Boxercise live training course. Any other reason for transferring please see cancellation policy.

Procedure for changing or cancelling a booking:

Online Courses / Live Stream Courses

If you login to the Course you will be deemed to have started the course and will no longer be able to get a refund,

You must inform us of your intent to cancel by writing to in the form of an email.

Once you have cancelled you booking your login details will be cancelled immediately.

Time Period for Completion of online Courses.

Boxercise instructor Course 30 days