Advanced Skills/Personal Trainer Course

Boxercise Advanced Skills Course


The Boxercise Advanced Skills Course is the perfect course to take your boxing skills to a much more advanced level, supplementing the skills already learnt on your Boxercise Instructors course. It is ideal if you wish to add more variety to your classes, to intensify your sessions and increase your clients boxing skill level. You will also dramatically increase your own boxing ability, knowledge and become an advanced pad holder to keep even the most experienced client interested and entertained for at least 10 years.

During This six-hour intensive course you will learn how to combine advanced footwork, defensive moves (Duck, Slip & Swayback) and counterpunching to make combinations; this adds 32 new moves to the basic 8 punches you learnt on the Boxercise course and for you to use with your clients., we will teach you the tricks of the trade to ensure your clients never get bored. After all your client's can do almost anything without you, but they can't do pad work on their own.

Structure of the Day

  • Enhance your skill in advanced punching and coaching
  • Gain skill in advanced footwork
  • Learn defensive moves, counterpunches and blocks as part of combinations.
  • Advanced pad work.
  • Advanced coaching for clients.
  • Advanced drills.
  • Assessment - written test paper and practical assessment.

The Boxercise Instructor Course includes footwork drills 18-43 for the Boxercise Footwork Training System.

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