Boxercise In-House Training Course

Boxercise: In-House Training Courses

The In-House Training Course involves Boxercise coming to run a course (or more than one) at your venue, at a day and time of your choice provided you have eight people or more. This can be very beneficial in today's society where everyone is busy and keen on cost savings.

All we need from you to run a course is eight hours, uninterrupted studio time and eight people; we do the rest. We bring all necessary equipment and course instructors to teach the course. You pay no additional presenter fees. As a guide, we require roughly one squash court sized room per 10 persons. We can take up to a maximum of 30 per course if you have the studio space.

Benefits to You:

  • Convenience of not having to travel too far.
  • Convenience of having a course at a time you have chosen.
  • Financial savings by limiting travel and time.
  • More focus on the actual requirements of your group and environment.
  • Reduced In-house training rates.
Boxercise Instructor Training

How to Arrange an In-House Training Course

  • Please contact head office to obtain more information, pricing and payment options.
  • Find a minimum of eight people who want to do the course (attendees must have a minimum of Level 2, or equivalent, qualification in sport/coaching or fitness).
  • Find a possible date for the Boxercise course.
  • Contact us to discuss the date, we will then verbally agree a date with you.
  • A letter including full terms and conditions will be sent to you.
  • You return the terms and conditions letter signed with payment/deposit.
  • We send you a confirmation letter to forward to attendees.
  • We come and run an in-house training course.
  • You then become Registered Boxercise Instructors!

If you are interested in hosting an in-house training course overseas, then please contact head office to discuss this on 00 44 116 240 4906.


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