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Boxercise instructor training courses have been carefully designed to equip the fitness/coaching professional with a new skill that they can use to complement existing expertise or specialise in boxing related training.

Our courses are great for:

  • Gym Instructors expanding into teaching in the studio looking to increase personal income and employability.
  • Studio Teachers looking to increase the variation of classes they offer and attract both men and women to the studio.
  • Personal Trainers adding to their range of skills and activities - Boxercise is fantastic one-to-one using pads and gloves!
  • Boxing Coaches/Boxers looking to increase secondary revenue for their gyms or enter the fitness industry.
  • PE Teachers looking to engage children in fun physical activity and expand their experience of fitness.

Starting with the Boxercise Instructor (foundation) Course you can then increase you expertise and client base by taking any of our secondary courses. Should you require any help please ask a question in the email box below:

Boxercise Instructor Award £139.00
(inc. VAT @20%)

Book 2 courses for only £199.00
(inc. VAT @20%) (Boxercise + 1 other course)

Book 3 courses for only £275.00
(inc. VAT @20%) (Boxercise + 2 other courses)

Book 4 courses for only £349.00
(inc. VAT @20%) (Boxercise + 3 other courses)

Book ALL 5 courses for only £425.00
(inc. VAT @20%)

Once qualified and registered, a Boxercise Instructor has free access to the following course resources:

  • FREE Refresher Courses - for any course you have taken, you are entitled to refresh up to once per course per year to keep your standards high.
  • Masterclass - a FREE event for Boxercise Instructors - 2 hour masterclass featuring loads of new ideas plus a great chance to socialise with other Boxercise Instructors.
  • Promotional Posters - many images for different target markets available as a download.
  • Course Manual - a comprehensive written refresher of the course with Class start-up and business help guide.
  • Course Video - course skills refresher viewable online with videos of class examples.
  • Boxercise Official Logos - to use on your own promotional material.
  • Boxercise Class Loyalty Cards - ready for you to print!
  • Plus a huge discount on Boxercise branded equipment and products.
Boxercise Courses Information Pack

Boxercise Courses Information Pack

Please click on the image on the left to download your copy of the information pack in PDF format (1.6MB file size).

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Boxercise® - The Biggest Brand Name in Boxing Fitness

Boxercise is a registered trademark. Use of the name Boxercise to describe any fitness activity or product can only be granted by ourselves. Any instructor teaching an activity called Boxercise, or anything similar sounding, must be registered with Boxercise to do so. Breach of these trademarks will result in prosecution. Members of the public can check an instructor's right to use the name Boxercise and that they are qualified, by selecting 'Search for Instructors' in the menu. The Boxercise qualification is recognized worldwide and is regarded as the world's number one boxing fitness qualification.