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Leather Sparring Gloves Yellow Top Quality Leather Sparring Glove. Excellent cushioning and support. Great for use on bag or pads. Superb for personal training. Available in 12oz and 16oz weights.

LSG12Y 12oz Leather
Sparring Gloves £34.99
LSG16Y 16oz Leather
Sparring Gloves £34.99

Vivid Blue PU Sparring Glove. Great budget sparring glove made in polyurethane. Nobody need know it's not leather! Available in 12oz weight.

PSG12B 12oz Polyurethane
Sparring Gloves £24.99
PU Sparring Gloves

Boxercise Pro Sparing Gloves Boxercise Black Pro 12oz Sparring Glove. Top quality Leather Sparring Glove designed for the bigger puncher. With Boxercise Cool/Dry comfort system for enhanced breathability. Recommended for use with Boxercise 4 metre handwraps - get these for only £5.00 when you order a set at the same time as the gloves!

LPSG12B Boxercise Black Pro
12oz Sparring Gloves £45.00

Adult's Pink Leather Sparring Glove. Top quality leather glove for use on the punch bag or focus pads, with excellent cushioning/support. Avaliable in 10oz weight.

LSG10P Adult's Pink Leather
10oz Sparring Gloves £34.99
Pink Leather Adult Sparring Gloves

Children's 6oz Boxersaurus Sparring Gloves Children's 6oz Sparring Gloves featuring Boxersaurus. Your kids will never want any other pair of boxing gloves once they have seen these!

BJPSG6B Boxersaurus
6oz Sparring Gloves £15.00

Yellow Leather Bag Mitts. Ideal for Boxercise classes. Comfortable and hard wearing. Available in medium and large sizes.

LBMMY Medium Leather
Bag Mitts £22.50
LBMLY Large Leather
Bag Mitts £22.50
Leather Bag Mitts

PU Bag Mitts Blue PU Bag Mitts. Excellent value polyurethane mitt. The right choice when many pairs must be purchased. Available in medium and large sizes.

Bag Mitts

Sorry, this item is out of stock at the moment.
Bag Mitts £14.00

Handwraps. CHW15Y Boxercise Yellow Handwraps £6.50

Boxercise Yellow Handwraps
Handwraps. CHW15P Boxercise Pink Handwraps £6.50

Boxercise Pink Handwraps
Handwraps. CHW4B Boxercise Black 4m Pro Handwraps
Boxercise 4 metre Handwraps designed for the bigger puncher. Allows wrapping between the knuckles for extra protection. For use with Boxercise Pro Sparring Gloves and Bag Mitts (special price of only £5.00 when ordered with these).
CHW4B Boxercise Black 4m Pro Handwraps £10.00

Boxercise Black 4m Pro Hand Wraps

Sizing Advice for Boxing Equipment

Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves come in two different types, Bag Mitts and Sparring Gloves. Our Bag Mitts come in sizes Medium and Large. Persons with larger hands will prefer larger gloves and vice versa. A glove does not have to be tight to be safe - as long as the knuckles are covered, it is safe. In classes, normally you should order large sizes, as all participants can use these. As a rough guide, a person under 1.70 metres in height would prefer medium size gloves, but this is not a hard and fast rule.

Sparring gloves come in weights not sizes. Heavier weight does increase the external size, but not the internal size. The 12oz size is slightly smaller than the 16oz size. As a general rule - 'one size fits all'.

Remember that when applying handwraps, your hand will increase in size.

We do not exchange gloves because you have ordered the wrong size.

Focus Pads

Focus pads are again one size fits all.

If you need advice please call 0116 2404906

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