What is Boxercise?

Boxercise combines boxing and exercise in a fun, stress busting activity to suit everyone who wants to enjoy boxing training without getting hit. There are over 1.2 Million people in the UK taking Boxercise Classes or doing Boxercise with their Personal Trainer. Boxercise is one of the most effective forms of cross-training available today. It combines use of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems with the systematic recruitment of both fast and slow twitch muscle fibres in a manner that not only ensures a diverse workout, but also enhances sports specific senses, including hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing. Boxercise classes are always fun, energetic and addictive.

What is the Course Development Pathway?

Who are the Boxercise Courses recognised by?

Boxercise has been training fitness professionals and sports coaches padwork skills since 1992 and is recognised as the Worlds No.1 in this form of fitness - being globally recognised since 1995.

Boxercise is an independent company that holds the Boxercise trade mark and runs courses internationally. Boxercise Instructor training courses are recognised by a range of different professional bodies.

What are the different course levels and what will I learn?

The Boxercise Instructor Course is the foundation course that all attendees must pass before progressing onto any further development courses; it teaches the attendee eight basic punches, pad holding, coaching and safety techniques and how to structure a Boxercise session for a class or 1 to 1 use.

On completion of this course, instructors can take one or more of the further development courses.

The Kick Boxercisecourse focuses on elbow, knee strikes and kicks often used to offer more variety to a class scenario.

The Boxercise Advanced Skills Course takes you and your clients to new skill levels teaching more combinations, defence moves and footwork.

You may then want to progress further with your boxing skills and book onto our Speed Pads and Combinations course. The Speed Pads course teaches you a newer form of boxing training techniques using focus pads in reactive drills.

We also offer a Kids Boxercise course which provides instructors with the underpinning knowledge required to teach children whilst at the same time providing Kids Boxercise activities. This course can be taken as a one day or online training course.

Do I have to take the basic Boxercise Course before I take part in the KickBoxercise or Boxercise Advanced Skill Course?

Yes all attendees need to take the Boxercise Instructor course before progressing onto any other even if you come from a professional boxing background. We have a reputation as being the worlds number 1 in Boxing Fitness and this reputation has come from our very high standards. We will not compromise on safety, or tuition standards. Your clients are owed a duty of care by yourself and it is up to us to impart the highest standards to you. Many famous ex boxers ( and a few world champions!) have said after the basic Boxercise course that even they had learnt something new and had developed their knowledge further, not just about Boxing but about safety, coaching and teaching. We teach everything correctly and that way NOTHING is missed.

The only exception to this rule is if a fully licensed Amateur Boxing Coach or BBBofC Trainer wishes to take the Speed Pads course as a totally independent certification, if this is the case please ring head office.

Do I need previous Boxing experience and any fitness qualifications to access the course ?

To access the Boxercise course you don’t need any previous boxing experience as we teach you everything you will need to know about the punches, pad holding and safety coaching from the very beginning.

You must have a fitness or sports coaching background at Level 2 or equivalent. Other acceptable entry qualifications are

  • PE teacher
  • Sports Science graduates
  • Armed Forces PTIs
  • Senior Black belt kickboxing coach
  • Full ABA or BBBof C Trainer etc

If in any doubt, please call us.

To access the Boxercise course and to be safe teaching the public we think it is important instructors have an under pinning knowledge of fitness principles and coaching hence the reason we stipulate an entry level qualification.

If you do not have any of these qualification, all is not lost. You may have the opportunity of taking our Prior Knowledge Entrance Exam (free of charge) Please note though the prior knowledge test is only available following a telephone assessment and to those that have prior fitness/coaching experience, knowledge of anatomy, physiology and exercise principles but just don’t have the certifcate to prove it. Please give us a call to discuss.

How am I assessed?

On each course there is some form of assessment; depending on the course, it will either be in a practical format (Boxercise, Kick Boxercise and Speeds pads) or practical and theoretical format (Boxercise for Kids and Advanced Skills Course).

On the Boxercise Instructor Course, attendees are assessed whilst working with a partner on the pads. The person holding the pads is assessed on their coaching, teaching and instructing ability, whilst the puncher is assessed on their punching technique. Then the roles are reversed. The assessment is practical and you are assessed only on what we teach you on the day.

Will I be just punching the air?

Hell No! This is a misconception -, you will be hitting the pads for at least 4 hours so be prepared to work HARD! Obviously you need to learn the punches before you hit anything. The aerobic section forms part of group work so you will not be on your own.

Is the foundation Boxercise Course good for Personal Trainers as well as class teachers?

Definitely, You will be working on the pads for at least 4 hours learning not just how to punch correctly but how to spot faults and coach effectively using the 3 most useful forms of feedback. You will learn a great deal that will challenge both you and your clients. The skills are transferrable between one to one and class situations.

How are most Boxercise Classes Structured?

They all vary but most would incorporate some of the following, circuits, boxing coaching, and maybe some boxaerobics. There are many types of classes and you do not have to teach to a particular style if it does not suit you. We encourage you to find your strengths and play to them. For example if you are not from an aerobics background you would probably not teach a class with that element included. If you are great at coaching on the pads a coached style class would suit you. If you are a particularly tough instructor perhaps the military style of class will suit you.

Who are the course instructors and what are their qualifications?

At Boxercise we prize ourself on standards and spend time carefully selecting experienced individuals who have excelled on the course, who have a passion for coaching and boxing.

The Senior Instructor coaching team have pre-requisites of Sports Science Degree or Equivalent. 5 Years boxing / martial arts coaching experience at the highest level and Health Club management experience. We then train them for 2 years before they can deliver our courses.

They all have friendly outgoing personalities and are dedicated to passing on their knowledge to help develop course attendees skills and coaching abilities. Due to this the courses are fun in addition to being an intensive learning experience.

How do I get insured to teach Boxercise?

Most insurance companies know and accept the Boxercise qualification. Remember you must let your insurer know you are teaching a new activity - much like you need to let your car insurers know if you fit a turbocharger to your car!

There are a range of insurance companies to choose from we suggest you obtain a couple of quotes and discuss your requirements with them

Please note Boxercise does not provide insurance cover. We teach Boxercise and recommend good practise for teaching but your insurance company will often stipulate who, what and where you teach.

To teach Children Boxercise what course do I need to take. Do I need to take the Boxercise and Boxercise for Kids course.

As with all our other courses the Boxercise Instructor course is the foundation course that must be taken before any other, even though this course is based around teaching adults, the punches, padholding, coaching and safety requirements that are taught are all applicable for teaching adult and kids.

The Boxercise for Kids course then covers kids games, warm up ideas and fun tasks together with learning about kids fitness requirements, legalities of teaching kids, anatomy and physiology of growth, injuries and boxing equipment. We therefore recommend instructors take both the Boxercise and Boxercise Kids course before teaching children.

Yet for instructors that already have a recognised kids fitness qualification e.g PE teachers and who are able to adapt what has been taught on the Boxercise course to make it safe for kids then they together with their insurance company’s requirements can decide whether it is essential for them to take the Kids Boxercise course too or not.

Do I need to pay any annual registration fee. Why is there a licence fee and how much is it?

Once having passed the Boxercise Course instructors are required to pay a Boxercise annual licence fee of £40 to become a registered instructor and to be listed on the International Register of Boxercise Instructors. This allows you to use the name Trade Mark name Boxercise to describe your fitness activity, without this you may not use the name or anything similar sounding under any circumstances.

Registered Boxercise Instructor also gain the following resources.

  • Access to the instructor Portal where you can desing you own profile for the public to find your when the seraching for a Boxercise Instructor
  • Access to online certificate with photo id – Updated annually whilst registered
  • Course Manual - a comprehensive written refresher of the course with Class start-up and business help guide.
  • Course Video - course skills refresher viewable online with videos of class examples.
  • Access the Boxercise Instructor Only Facebook group for ongoing idea’s.
  • FREE Refresher Courses - for any course you have taken, you are entitled to refresh up to once per course per year to keep your standards high.
  • Promotional Posters - many images for different target markets available as a download.
  • Boxercise Official Logos - to use on your own promotional material.
  • Boxercise Class Loyalty Cards - ready for you to print!
  • Plus a huge discount on Boxercise branded equipment and product
  • Masterclass - a FREE event for Boxercise Instructors - 2 hour masterclass featuring loads of new ideas plus a great chance to socialise with other Boxercise Instructors.

These resources are not available to non-registered and expired instructors.

Can Boxercise be enjoyed by everyone?

As a company and a concept, we believe Boxercise Is a great form of fun exercise that can be enjoyed by most participants.

Boxercise as a fitness concept can be adapted to use in a range of locations and meet the needs of a wide populations’ requirements. All gender, ages and backgrounds enjoy the activity. It can support a number of mental health needs and be adapted to enable participation for many people with physical limitations and disabilities. If you or your Boxercise instructor would like advice on how to adapt Boxercise and maximise potential for specific needs and client group, please contact us.

For existing fitness instructors that are considering taking the Boxercise course who have any disability or specific requirements to access the course (e.g. injury / pregnancy) please contact us so that we can advise. Where possible we want to encourage attendance on the training course for everyone that meets our course pre-requisite, this includes those with limitations or disabilities.

Our main aim overall is to help people safely pass the Boxercise course and to then in turn be able to coach and teach the general public safely. So as long as these aims can be met practically, we will do our best to adapt and maximise your potential to pass the course. Please note we utilise a number of venues some that are more accessible and DDA compliant than others and some venues have more instructors to assist than other so please contact for specific information.

What can I find terms and conditions and other policies?

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