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Q: What is Boxercise?

Q: Who are the Boxercise Courses recognised by?

Q: I've done another boxing based course, can I call my classes/training Boxercise?

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Q: Do I have to take the basic Boxercise Course before I take part in the KickBoxercise or Boxercise Boxing Personal Trainer Course?

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Q: Will I be just punching the air?

Q: Is the foundation Boxercise Course good for Personal Trainers as well as class teachers?

Q: Do I need to have an Exercise to Music Qualification?

Q: How are most Boxercise Classes Structured?

Q: Who are the course instructors and what are their qualifications?

Q: How do I get insured to teach Boxercise?

Q: Can Boxercise be used to teach kids?

Q: Why is there a licence fee and how much is it?


Question: Who are the Boxercise Courses recognised by?


Boxercise has been training fitness professionals and sports coaches since 1992 and is recognised as the Worlds No.1 in this form of fitness - being globally recognised since 1995.
In the UK, REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) give eight CPDs for the one day Boxercise Instructor Training Course. Most importantly, the AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America - the World's Governing Body for Fitness) recognise and accredit the Boxercise Courses. This gives Global recognition to all our courses meaning you may teach Boxercise anywhere in the world.
The REAL TRUTH though is that no matter which governing body gives credence to a course it is totally irrelevant, the only thing that matters is that you can get insured to teach your classes.


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Boxercise is a registered trademark. Use of the name Boxercise to describe any fitness activity or product can only be granted by ourselves. Any instructor teaching an activity called Boxercise, or anything similar sounding, must be registered with Boxercise to do so. Breach of these trademarks will result in prosecution. Members of the public can check an instructor's right to use the name Boxercise and that they are qualified, by selecting 'Search for Instructors' in the menu. The Boxercise qualification is recognized worldwide and is regarded as the world's number one boxing fitness qualification.