Price: £99.00

Face to Face and Zoom Course Formats Available

Becoming an advanced pad holder is absolutely essential for anyone wanting to become indispensable to their personal training clients. After all, your client’s can do almost anything without you but they can’t do padwork on their own.

Designed for those using Boxercise for Personal Training, or those whose class participants are looking for new challenges and combinations, the Advanced Skills Course covers more technically difficult skills including;

Advanced punching,

Advanced footwork, (up to fight level skills!)

Defensive moves (including Duck, Slip & Layback)


Advanced combinations

2 and 3 stage attacks

Speed drills

Stamina drills

Keeping the head off the 'centre line'

You will learn in total 32 new moves to add to the basic 8 punches learnt on the Boxercise course. You will never run out of ideas or combinations on the pads ! Enough to keep your clients challenged and returning week after week.

Remember we teach you to teach these to participants safely, not just to perform them yourself. You will learn the

Safety points,

Correct techniques -

Fault spotting,

Fault Correction for different learning styles

Advanced circuit ideas

Advanced Combinations

Equipment Used

Focus pads

Boxing Gloves



To access the Boxercise Advanced course you must first pass the Boxercise course.

This course provides the perfect springboard for the Speedpads Course.

ZOOM TRAINING - Course Participants will require a partner to assist them during the 1 day course to enable skill practise and for us to observe your coaching (your assistant does not need to be a fitness professional but they must be fit and healthy and proficient with the main punches and 1-8 number system). A theory assessment will be emailed to you at the end of the days training.

Post course resources

  • Boxercise Advanced Skills Certificate
  • Boxercise Advanced Skills Manual and refresher video
  • PT Learning Aid ( Weekly step by step guide for progressing your clients skills and combinations.)
  • Option to progress your skills further on the Speeds Pads course (Boxercise level 3 course)
  • Access the Kids Silver and Gold Awards
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Having recently had a career change, I became a qualified PT and wanted to do pad work with my clients. Having searched the web for courses, i found the Boxercise website and having browsed their information, decided that they covered the areas I wanted and seemed to be a well established and professional company. I completed the basic instructor course and found it extremely enjoyable and was hooked (excuse the pun), having never picked up a boxing glove in my previous 50 years. i then went on to do the PT/ Advanced skills course, kickboxercise and kids courses, qualifying for the advanced instructor. My participants enjoy the sessions and keep coming back. This has taken my business down a completely different path. Andy Wake and his team are very knowledgeable and give you the tools to instruct good technique to your clients keeping them safe from injury and are always there if you need advice or help on issues and of course backed up by all the other instructors offering loads of drills and ideas in the facebook group. I have recovered my costs already in three short months and am looking forward to the future with Boxercise.

- Mark Lewis

I've been a self-employed PT for years but since I've done the Boxercise Instructor course and the Advanced skills course my income has doubled. It's been a great investment and the clients love it! I can't wait to do a Speed Pads course as well!

- Sarah Brabs

Structure of the day

  • Advanced punching and coaching skills
    Use of defensive moves, counterpunches & blocks in combinations. Progress the beginner to moving and punching at the same time.
  • Lunch
  • Advanced Footwork
    Movement and conservation of pad holders energy whilst working the participant harder. Incorporate footwork into combinations. Practise drills 18-43 from the Boxercise Footwork Training System.
  • Advanced Padwork
    use of single pads, one pad one glove, meeting punches safely. Learn how to put the punches, defensive moves and footwork together in a progressive system you can use with your clients.
  • Advanced Coaching & Training Methods
  • Speed, Power and stamina drills
  • Theory Exam
  • Depart