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The Boxercise Instructor course is designed to meet the needs of instructors who would like to gain a foundation in the fundamental techniques of boxing for fitness and coaching. These skills can then be used to teach classes or with 1-to-1 clients.

The aim of the Boxercise Instructor Course is not to turn instructors into competition standard boxers, but ensure they leave the course able to competently coach the basics of Boxercise to a participant, allowing them to work out safely whilst having fun and gaining a skill.

On completion of the course attendees will be able to take a Boxercise style class (virtually or face to face), or use the skills learnt for personal training clients.

To enhance your skills further, please see the other modules we offer.

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Boxercise Qualification Different Learning FOrmats

The Boxercise Instructor qualification can be gained by completing and passing 1 of 3-course formats:

·  FACE to FACE: Boxercise Instructor Face to Face 1 Days (8hrs) Intensive training course at one of our regular training venues :

·   ZOOM: Boxercise Instructor 1 Days (8.5hrs) Intensive training course via Zoom.  (See zoom course pre-requisite info below)

·   DISTANCE LEARNING:  Boxercise Instructor Training course via online e-distance learning. Learn at your own pace. 6 hrs of Video Tutorials and min 5.5hr of practice.

1 month time limit for completing the course. Assessment procedures, incorporate multiple choice questions and 2 practical video submissions.

Each course incorporates the same course structure, qualification pre-requisites and certification. Each course incorporates an assessment process and post-course resources. On completion of the Boxercise course, registered instructors can also gain access to the other versions of the course for refresher purposes free of charge.

Who Should Take the Boxercise Course?

  • Gym Instructors who would like to begin teaching in the studio - increase your personal income and employability.
  • Studio teachers looking to increase the variety of classes they offer (and attract both men and women to the studio).
  • Personal Trainers adding to their range of skills and activities - Boxercise is fantastic for 1-to-1 sessions - your clients can never go away and do this on their own, which helps with retention!
  • Boxing / Boxers looking to increase secondary revenue for their gyms, enter the fitness industry or gain valuable coaching techniques not taught elsewhere.
  • PE Teachers looking to engage children in fun physical activity and expand their experience of fitness.


To access the Boxercise Instructor Training course attendees must have a min of a level 2 or equivalent in a Sport / Fitness or Coaching Qualification. We accept other inclusive qualifications :

  • PE teachers,
  • Sports Science graduates,
  • Armed Forces PTIs,
  • Senior Qualified Black Belt above Kick Boxing Coaches,
  • Full National Federation Approved Boxing Coach or BBBof C Trainer

The Boxercise Instructor course is our foundation course that everyone is required to pass before progressing onto any other further development course. If unsure please ring or drop us an email to discuss options.

ZOOM TRAINING - Course Participant will require a partner to assist them during the afternoon of the course to enable us to assess coaching and technical skills (your assistant does not need to be a fitness professional but they must be fit and healthy to take part in basic pad work and focus pad holding. Your countries covid regulations may dictate if you choose a member of your bubble, work with mitigations e.g face visors at low intensity or neither.

COURSE EQUIPMENT - Course participants will need a set of Focus Pads and Gloves or Bag Mitts before commencing any course - especially Zoom and online learning. For those attending a face to face course, gloves and pads will be loaned for the duration of the day if required.

Post Course Resources

As a company, we require all Boxercise Instructors to pay an annual registration fee of £40 to be listed on the International Register of Boxercise Instructors. It also enables instructors to utilise the Boxercise Trademark and access the following resources.

Benefits of being a Registered Boxercise Instructor:

  • Use of the name Boxercise to advertise Classes and PT sessions
  • Advertise your services on the Boxercise website
  • Online Certificate access / Downloadable with photo for id.
  • Access to Course Refresher Material (PDF Manual & Online Video)
  • Series of post-course videos to help you get started.
  • Publicity Material (posters, logos, loyalty cards)
  • Ongoing Support / Idea Sharing via Instructors Only Facebook Group and Newsletter
  • Free yearly refresher courses in any Boxercise previously passed.
  • Discount on Boxercise Equipment
  • Ongoing telephone or email support from Boxercise Head Office
  • Access to Kids Boxercise Awards system
  • Access to the Boxercise Footwork Training System


The assessment on the Boxercise face to face and zoom course is practical and based only on what instructors have been taught on the day, NO marks are given for extra speed OR power, demonstrating, coaching and instructing quality is the emphasis of the day. After the course each candidate will receive a breakdown of their results highlighting both strengths and weaknesses, any candidates who do not achieve the required standard of the course will be encouraged to re-take the course free of charge at another time. Safety, coaching technique and above all the ability to make classes/padwork sessions fun, form the basis of the Boxercise course. High standards are maintained on all courses by our course tutors, all of whom have extensive knowledge in the fields of fitness, boxing and coaching.

Throughout the Online Distance Learning course attendees with be required to take part in theory and practical assessments.

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FAQs Course Pathway


To anyone who is thinking of doing the Boxercise training, do it!! The initial training course is really well planned, taught in a way that doesn't make you feel like your heads in a spin, especially if, like me you're new to the game! Plus, after you have taken the course, there are so many ways to progress with add on courses, a yearly masterclass and extra learning resources online. I've worked with/for many organisations over the years and I've never come across one so efficient and supportive as Boxercise.

- Juliet Sterland

I have recommended other instructors to become a Boxercise instructor because it's so much fun and boxing fitness is here to stay. It's also a great class to teach as you don't have to worry about learning any complicated routines or hitting the beat of the music if you don’t want! You plan what you want to plan for and If it's not going to plan it's easy to pull something out of the reserve bank and no class ever needs to be the same as the last. I've also adapted the class on several occasions to accommodate those with disabilities or learning difficulties. It's great that you can offer up different exercises and ways around your plan to include everyone, without them feeling left out.

- Victoria Lawrence

The overall impression I gained was of a well-taught session that has been delivered by the tutors many times before (Andy has kept track and it is his 962nd course). The session fully met CIMSPA standards of quality and providing an excellent learner experience.

My personal view is that the emphasis on good technique and coaching/correction emphasised in today's lesson is exactly what learners need because it gives generic skills they can apply to both class and 121 as they need. Examples were clearly delivered and met the needs of a mixed ability group well.

2 hours is a long session, but there were regular changes in pace, watching demos, Q&A and swapping of partners to work with. Learners seemed fully engaged throughout.

- Tim Shaw, CIMSPA Assessor

Structure of the day

  • Learn all the 8 punches
    and how to safely coach and teach them to others. All safety and technical aspects are taught using a range of coaching methods. Learn also the importance of correct footwork and how to teach others, including drills 1-18 from the Boxercise Footwork Training System.
  • Group work
    practise teaching the punches to others as a coach.
  • Group Work
    Start putting the punches you have been taught to create exciting routines.
  • Lunch
  • Boxercise Manual discussion.
  • Equipment Education
    How to choose and use boxing equipment correctly.
  • Hand wrapping for the beginner.
    Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Interactive discussion on class formats and design.
    Design your own class as part of a group.
  • Learn how to safely hold the focus pads
    whilst your client is punching, learn how to spot and correct all the major faults made by novice punchers and how to adapt your coaching for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. Learn how to coach others on how to hold focus pads. Put these together and coach, teach and instruct combinations on the pads.
  • Practical Assessment
    Working in pairs, demonstrate the techniques and coaching skills you have learnt during the course.
  • Class/Session examples
    Covering all styles. Aerobics, Circuits, Coached Pads (technical skills sessions), Beasting Sessions and Bootcamp style formats. Attendees will see how the course tutors run a class and gain many new ideas to enable the successful running of a Boxercise class.
  • Depart

As a British Boxing Board of Control Licensed Professional Coach I wanted to bring a new element of training and a secondary income to my gym. I was impressed by the knowledge of the course tutors, each themselves being boxing coaches.with extensive fitness backgrounds. Not only was the course fun but I also learned a few new tricks! Thanks to the tutors for an informative and well designed course.

chloe wilcox, Level 3 instructor, London, uk