* UK mainland min 8, overseas need to ring to enquire min number .

A Boxercise In-House Training course entails Boxercise coming to run a course (or more than one) at your venue, at a day and time of your choice provided you have eight people or more. This can be very beneficial in today's society where everyone is busy and keen on cost savings.

All we need from you to run a course is eight hours, uninterrupted studio time and eight people; we do the rest. We bring all necessary equipment and course instructors to teach the course. You pay no additional presenter fees. As a guide, we require roughly one squash court sized room per 10 persons. We can take up to a maximum of 30 per course if you have the studio space.

Examples of those that have benefited from our in-house training courses inc:

  • PE Staff from a group of school’s
  • Corporate Companies
  • Groups of independent PT’s and Boxing Coaches from one locality
  • Colleges offering their fitness students supplementary training
  • Armed Forces
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In House Boxercise Course

In-House Training Course Benefits

  • Convenience of not having to travel too far.
  • Convenience of having a course at a time you have chosen.
  • Financial savings by limiting travel and time.
  • More focus on the actual requirements of your group and environment.
  • Reduced In-house training rates (UK mainland in-house training is £130 per person inc VAT).

How to arrange an in-house training course

Please contact head office to obtain more information, pricing and payment options.
Find a minimum of eight people* who want to do the course (attendees have must a min of a level 2 in a sport / fitness or coaching qualification or other inclusive qualifications e.g PE Teachers, PTI’s or Full Boxing coaches).
Find a possible date for the Boxercise course.
Contact us to discuss the date, we will then verbally agree a date with you.
A letter including full terms and conditions will be sent to you.
You return the terms and conditions letter signed with payment/deposit.
We send you a confirmation letter to forward to attendees.
We come and run an in-house training course.
You then become Registered Boxercise Instructors.


We have been running the Boxercise Instructor Course at Grove for the last three years. Our main aim initially was to train a small group of PE teachers at the school so that we could run lunchtime clubs for groups of SEN students with an initial focus on those students with behavioural issues, especially anger management. We found the students benefited significantly from the discipline, respect and physical outlet that the Boxercise provided. The greatest impact was the boost in self confidence that the students attained. As none of them were part of a school sports team, the group enabled them to feel part of a team and experience all the social benefits that this brings.

In order to build on the success of the initial programme, we have since trained TAs and Cover Supervisors so that the sessions can occur more frequently. By having a breadth of trained staff across the school, sessions for SEN students can now happen when they are needed, and not just at lunchtime. Just recently we had a situation where a student's anger had been intercepted, redirected and diffused by a quick thinking TA who had taken the student straight to the gym to use the pads and gloves. Ordinarily if this intervention hadn't happened then that situation could have escalated, resulting in an aggressive outburst and possible exclusion for the child. Instead, the student was able to rejoin afternoon lessons. But why? Because it just so happened that the TA in that lesson had attended the training.

This year we have also started to train some of our Yr13 A-level/OCR National PE students, for CPD purposes, but also so that they can fulfill the schools whole school approach to learning. The students upon receiving their qualification are asked to volunteer during some of their lunchtimes to either lead or assist with the Boxercise clubs. This not only provides the students taking part with positive role models, but provides the 6th former with an excellent qualification for their CV as well as supporting the completion of other extra-curricular qualifications they may be doing such as CSLA or D of E. We also use the qualification as supporting evidence for some of our vocational sports courses that we run at Grove, which the students love because it means less writing and more practical!

Boxercise as a company has very much helped to facilitate what we are trying to achieve here at Grove. It has been flexible with the organisation and tailored delivery of the course to suit our school day, as well as the price, helping to make it affordable for both staff and students. The team at Boxercise head office are efficient and quick to help if ever we have a problem. Super staff, super people, I couldn't recommend them enough. In fact I do, regularly!

- James Granger, Grove School, Market Drayton