With so much concern over child fitness and obesity, Boxercise has the perfect answer to providing fitness sessions that are great fun, easy to teach and suitable for all ages. Boxercise is already taught in hundreds of schools in the UK and has been shown to build confidence and increase self-esteem in under-achieving pupils.

Boxercise is one of the most effective forms of cross-training available today so is also suitable as part of general fitness training for those pupils already involved in sport. Boxercise enhances sports specific senses, including hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing.

Boxercise is also great for those children not engaged with traditional sports as it is essentially a fitness class based on fun! Boxercise sessions can be run in a non-competitive format to appeal to this group and as Boxercise classes can be found in most leisure centres and health clubs around the UK you are setting up an exercise habit for life.

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In House Boxercise Course

Why Choose Boxercise?

  • Boxercise Awards encourage attainment - click here to download the brochure
  • Boxercise is fun!
  • Kids are encouraged to work as a team.
  • Boxercise is taught in literally thousands of health clubs all over the UK, making it one of the most easily accessible and recognisable forms of exercise class for school leavers to continue.
  • Boxercise is a great stress buster.
  • Excellent for motivating disaffected children.
  • Flexible - competitive or non-competitive class styles; you choose.
  • Good for hand eye co-ordination, stamina, strength and speed.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Sustainable exercise after pupils leave school.

To teach Children Boxercise what course do I need to take. Do I need to take the Boxercise and Boxercise for Kids course?

As with all our other courses the Boxercise Instructor course is the foundation course that must be taken before any other, even though this course is based around teaching adults, the punches, padholding, coaching and safety requirements that are taught are all applicable for teaching adult and kids.

The Boxercise for Kids course then covers kids games, warm up ideas and fun tasks together with learning about kids fitness requirements, legalities of teaching kids, anatomy and physiology of growth, injuries and boxing equipment. We therefore recommend instructors take both the Boxercise and Boxercise Kids course before teaching children.

Yet for instructors that already have a recognised kids fitness qualification e.g PE teachers and who are able to adapt what has been taught on the Boxercise course to make it safe for kids then they together with their insurance company’s requirements can decide whether it is essential for them to take the Kids Boxercise course too or not.

Can any teacher take the Boxercise course?

No previous boxing experience is required as the course is taught from a beginners point of view. However all attendees require a minimum of a level 2 in fitness/coaching, sports related degree e.g PE teachers. Primary school teachers whose qualification incorporates PE are also eligible to attend the course.

How to Introduce Boxercise in Schools

  • Ask the Pupils if they would like to have Boxercise sessions in their school. Inform them (and any concerned parents) it is a fun work-out involving padwork activities and boxing style training games. NO direct punching contact/sparing. Anyone can take part.
  • Decide on Member of staff to run the Boxercise sessions.
  • Staff members must be a PE Teacher or have fitness/sport or coaching qualifications (see course prerequisites)
  • Decide what course format you prefer (Face to Face / Zoom or Online Distant Learning.
  • If you have 8 or more staff, we can come to you to run a 1-day Boxercise in-house training course on a date convenient. - See the Info pack and contact head office directly.
  • Book onto a course – We can invoice your school on receipt of an official purchase order or for individual booking use the website booking facility.
  • Attend and pass the Boxercise and if required the Boxercise for Kids course too (see FAQ below – what course should I take to teach children)
  • Qualified PE teachers only need to take the Boxercise course but post course will receive addition video content from the Boxercise for kids' course that requires study before teaching.
  • Post course, access certificate and resources from the instructor portal of the Boxercise website.
  • Assess if you need any Boxing kits (Focus Pads and Glove/ Mitts)
  • Commence Kids Boxercise Activities. Access the Boxercise for Kids awards scheme (lesson plans). Consider physical skill towards D of E for pupils.

We have been running the Boxercise Instructor Course at Grove for the last three years. Our main aim initially was to train a small group of PE teachers at the school so that we could run lunchtime clubs for groups of SEN students with an initial focus on those students with behavioural issues, especially anger management. We found the students benefited significantly from the discipline, respect and physical outlet that the Boxercise provided. The greatest impact was the boost in self confidence that the students attained. As none of them were part of a school sports team, the group enabled them to feel part of a team and experience all the social benefits that this brings.

In order to build on the success of the initial programme, we have since trained TAs and Cover Supervisors so that the sessions can occur more frequently. By having a breadth of trained staff across the school, sessions for SEN students can now happen when they are needed, and not just at lunchtime. Just recently we had a situation where a student's anger had been intercepted, redirected and diffused by a quick thinking TA who had taken the student straight to the gym to use the pads and gloves. Ordinarily if this intervention hadn't happened then that situation could have escalated, resulting in an aggressive outburst and possible exclusion for the child. Instead, the student was able to rejoin afternoon lessons. But why? Because it just so happened that the TA in that lesson had attended the training.

This year we have also started to train some of our Yr13 A-level/OCR National PE students, for CPD purposes, but also so that they can fulfill the schools whole school approach to learning. The students upon receiving their qualification are asked to volunteer during some of their lunchtimes to either lead or assist with the Boxercise clubs. This not only provides the students taking part with positive role models, but provides the 6th former with an excellent qualification for their CV as well as supporting the completion of other extra-curricular qualifications they may be doing such as CSLA or D of E. We also use the qualification as supporting evidence for some of our vocational sports courses that we run at Grove, which the students love because it means less writing and more practical!

Boxercise as a company has very much helped to facilitate what we are trying to achieve here at Grove. It has been flexible with the organisation and tailored delivery of the course to suit our school day, as well as the price, helping to make it affordable for both staff and students. The team at Boxercise head office are efficient and quick to help if ever we have a problem. Super staff, super people, I couldn't recommend them enough. In fact I do, regularly!

- James Granger, Grove School, Market Drayton

This has been the the best practical workshop I have been on

- Trainee PE Teacher

We will use the ideas from the course to really enhance the experience our pupils get from Physical Activity... we have reflected on our KS1 basic skills stuff, because the Boxercise workshop has given us some great ideas for footwork games

- Lower School PE Coordinator

The boxercise workshop has given us some great ideas for engaging some of our more challenging pupils in meaningful PE. This could be the most powerful series of experiences of their school career

- Middle School Head of PE