Boxercise Instructor Masterclass

Boxercise® Free Masterclasses in 2017


Following on from the last 8 years of successful free Masterclasses for registered Boxercise instructors, for 2017 we are running 3 Free Masterclasses at 3 different venues across the country: London. Birmingham and Leeds.

We continue to offer annual Masterclasses on the request ot you the Boxercise instructor and because we value you and your development. We also want to ensure the excellent standard of Boxercise instruction continues. Free Masterclasses and annual refresher courses add to this commitment.


Each Masterclass will be one and a half hours of fun, and most importantly, provide an excellent opportunity to gain more ideas for use with your clients. At the end of the Masterclass, there will be the opportunity to purchase Boxercise items at a special one-off discounted rate and to network with fellow instructors and Boxercise staff.


Scotland Masterclass to be arranged for 2018.


Attending a Boxercise Instructor Masterclass

The 2017 Masterclasses are only available to Registered Boxercise Instructors. To book a Free Masterclass place please click on the below link. We will email you confirmation details within a few days of receipt of the booking.


Book Your Place Now!

Click the link to go to the Courses Year Planner to select a date and venue to book your place on a 2017 Masterclass.



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