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Boxercise Sessions in Schools

What Happens in a Typical Boxercise® Session?

Workshops usually run for one hour after school and are practical sessions, designed around the UK Curriculum. Boxercise classes can be very varied. Some are influenced by traditional boxing and kick-boxing exercises (but does not involve actually hitting anyone, or being hit) while others take the form of circuit training. A typical class may involve shadow boxing, skipping, hitting pads, press-ups, shuttle-runs, sit-ups etc.

Class Structure Example


The starting point should be a general cardiovascular warm-up lasting 8-10 minutes. This raises the body's core temperature enough to enhance the elasticity of muscles, tendons, ligaments and overall joint structures and prepare for the workout ahead. This portion of the warm-up can be accomplished in several ways, including skipping (jump rope) or even performing different basic boxing footwork patterns. Another purpose of this initial warm-up is to prepare the mind for the workout ahead.

Main Activity

A Boxercise class can be taught in different ways. The circuit training type is an efficient and challenging 'boot camp' form of conditioning. It works well for developing strength, endurance (both aerobic and anaerobic), flexibility, coordination and is great fun. It typically consists of about eight different exercise stations undertaken in sequence. Each one is completed in 120 seconds with 30-45 seconds rest in between.

Cool Down

The main aim of the cool down is to promote recovery and return the body to a pre-exercise, or pre-workout level. This takes the form of five minutes of easy exercise followed by about five minutes of stretching. Static stretching and developmental stretching are utilised.

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