Boxercise Padwork

Speed Pads and Combinations Course

This Course has been designed to offer Boxercise instructors and boxing trainers more combinations to work on with their clients and to focus on how to execute and coach the more recently popularised style of padwork - speed pads.

AM: Speed Pads

Speed pads is the use of focus pads in reactive drills to improve punching hand speed, defensive reactions, especially head movement and counterpunching. Speed pads looks really 'flashy' which is why you'll often find world class trainers using this technique to showcase amazing punching combinations with their boxers, most notably Floyd Mayweather Jr.

You can learn this style of pad holding to make you and your clients look fantastic! We will show you all you need to know and the 'system' behind it.

PM: Combinations

During the afternoon session you practise more combinations, this time the focus being on combinations influenced by famous fighters.

Becoming an advanced pad holder is absolutely essential for anyone wanting to become indispensable to their personal training clients. We will teach you the tricks of the trade to ensure that your clients never get bored. After all, your clients can do almost anything without you, but they can't do padwork on their own.

Who is the Course For?

To book onto the Speed Pads and Combinations Course, attendees must have first completed the Boxercise Instructor Course and Advanced Skills Course.

The exception to this is ABAE Full Coaches, or British Board of Boxing Control Licensed Trainers, who may attend the Speed Pads and Combinations one day course as an independent certification without holding any prior Boxercise qualifications. Please contact head office to book: 0844 7706333. Attending this course as an independent certification will not enable the use of the Boxercise trademark or entitle the attendee to call themselves a Boxercise instructor.

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